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Little Engine: September 8, 2006 - ???

Friday, September 08, 2006

So on the same day that I celebrate my 27th birthday, I have decided to usher another part of me into this world - The Little Engine.

Little Engine represents many different things to me - but first and foremost it represents my passion for music. I've written for other blogs and started another that I keep with a dear friend that now has it's own legs behind his talent. So the time seemed right for this.

I heard once that Cameron Crowe made a mix tape/whatever format was used back then for his friends every month and still does to this day of music new and old that's running thru his decks. I started doing that in college for my close friends, calling it Music of My Mind. That was sporatic, and would be a mix here, two there - eventually that turned into making a mix every season. 4 per year. That was good - then as I became a fulltime music supervisor I found I could make one per month without issue - and now as things have changed and people have scattered literally throughout the world - I just can't get the music I want to everyone.

So here I am in LA, transplanted from my home and heart in Detroit - but living out what I think will be an exciting time of my life - and chasing my dreams.

Little Engine is going to serve as a place for you to catch some new music, discuss all things pop culture, parties here in LA, shows and who knows what else. All I know is that it's my new baby and I'm happy that it's here.