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February 2007 ://: LE Playlist

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Shout outs - it's February. A month of love. A month of the Saint Valentine. A month of the color red. Its been a fun month so far - lots of friends have been out and about in LA - doing their thing. It has been good to see those old friends, it's also been great to make new friends. Went up to SF and hung out with a crew up there - great great time - very gracious and welcoming people in Northern Cali. Also, more and more people are digging the little engine. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement - lots of exciting things planned and in the works. Keep a keen ear.

Let's get to the playlist - for the month of February 2007 ////////

***This list is how the playlist should be ordered - not sure how to make an official playlist for you all - but this is the way it should be ordered in your itunes playlist.
Mike Andrews ://: Just a Thought

Mike is a local LA talent. He makes lots of music on cds and movie scores. This song is one of my favorites on what is an amazing cd Hand on a String. The lyrics are so well written - and playful at the same time - he reminds so so much of one of favorite all time songwriters Harry Nilsson. High rec to pick this full cd up - and if you are in LA you will see me at his next show.

Pants Yell! ://: Our Turf

A small guitar instro - kinda nice. Leads into....

The Silent Years ://: Someone to Keep Us Warm

Representing Michigan!!! These guys are playing on of my favorite bars in Michigan tomorrow nite - The Lager House. Make sure you get down to see them. They could be the next big thing out of Detroit. Friendly sounds - great songwriting.

Kevin Devine ://: Just Stay

Introduced to me a few years back - consistently good songwriting - this is one of the more.....epic? pieces. Enjoy his thoughtful songwriting.

The RZA ://: Afro Theme

While this is more of an interlude - this album is worth checking out. One of the most creative hip hop minds in the game today.

O. Lamm ://: La Chasse Aux Oiseaux (with Yoshimi Tomida)

Another interlude - of 8 bit goodness. Lots of fun.

Four Tet ://: Go Go Ninja Dinosaur (Featuring Princess Watermelon)

Colours are Brighter is a thirteen track compilation of children's songs recorded by the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand, Four Tet, Kathryn Williams and The Divine Comedy. Rough Trade Records put it out late last year and all the proceeds go to Save The Children. Yay!

Visit Colours are Brighter at Myspace.com

Larry Levan ://: Is It All Over My Face

Larry Levan was the legendary DJ who for more than 10 years held court at the New York City night club Paradise Garage. The club has been described as the prototype of the modern dance club, and many of today's most successful producers and DJs credit their first exposure to Larry's music at the Paradise Garage as a moment that changed their lives forever and inspired their whole careers. An interesting article on Larry here.

Van She ://: Sex City

80's blast in your face. Van She is a band that I was turned onto thru their remixes (which seems to happening more and more). Their sound is a mosh of lots of different things - but prevailing 80's tones are what hits you right away. Dirtier though. Look for much more from these Aussies in the future.

Guilty Simpson ://: Clap Your Hands (prod by J Dilla)

Hands down my favorite track on the new Chrome Children comp released by Stones Throw. The comp is a standout among other comps - but this track is just crushing. I love it - and it's produced by none other than J Dilla. Speaking of which, for those of you who slept, his birthday was last week Wednesday - February 7th.

Respect must be paid.

Sebastien Grainger ://: When You Go Out

RIP DFA 1979 - 2006. However, from that death, rose 2 other projects. As Jesse went his way with MSTRKRFT, Sebastien took a different road (shocker!) and released a 2 track single for When You Go Out - synths, hand claps and Prince-esque vox run amok thru this track. Looking forward to more from him!

Joe Simon ://: Before the Night is Over

Ran across this one over at one of my fav blogs - and now I give it to you. Nice valentines track, no?

Bonobo ://: Walk in the Sky (Ft Bajka)

Seriously, how did I not post about Bonobo until now??? This disc has been in heavy rotation in the Little Engine offices for sometime - but just didn't have the idea to toss it into a mix. Here it is for you - highly recommend you pick up the full length as well.

AIR ://: Mer Du Japon

Yes - another new AIR album. Following the release of a solo disc - called DARKEL (featured earlier in LE) AIR returns with a stunning disc. This is one of my favorites on the disc.

Dr. Dog ://: My Old Ways

I hate this band name. Really. I can't stand it. However, this song - is just - well - great. Another Rough Trade release - these guys are touring like mad - find out all the info over at myspace now!!

Fionn Regan ://: Underwater Typewriter

I think this may be my favorite track on this months disc - although - there are many this month. I love the flow to this track - and the overall feeling you take away. Fionn is Irish born - but now calls England home. This track is off his album that was release late summer last year - and was largely over looked - at least by everyone that I know. He's signed to the Cocteau Twins Simon Raymonde's label Bella Union. This track doesn't jump out at you - but its a great listen.

Lonely, Dear ://: Carrying a Stone

Lots has been said about these guys lately. New disc is out on Sub Pop. I like them. You should too.

Patrick Wolf ://: The Magic Position

Definitely the dark horse on this months mix. Almost too happy? Almost? I love Patrick Wolf - and he actually was in some legal trouble perhaps during the recording of this new album. You can read all about his deviance here. In other news - this is the title track to his new album - and is a stark contrast to what was a dark debut in Wind in the Wires (2005). I loved Wind in the Wires - and am not sure what I am going to feel about this disc. That being said - check him out - he's opening for the Arcade Fire. Pretentious indie rock kids unite!!!

Heypenny ://: Dooley

Great track from these guys. Hope you enjoy it. You like??? Download more here.

Engineers ://: Brighter As We Fall

Epic. Soaring. Huge. Starts off slow - but builds into that much sought after "wall of sound"

Whatever that is. Google images are no help.

Tarwater ://: When Love Was the Law in Los Angeles

An LA song! An LA song that's good - and not cliche!! An LA song that's good - and not cliche - and from Tarwater - god I missed them!!

Maps ://: Lost My Soul

Following up the LA song - fittingly - is a track about losing your soul.....as most people do here. What's really cool about the fact that this is on here? Just recently a close friend of mine from England who may or may not be reading this post - wrote me about this very band. Apparently, Maps is opening up for Longview in England. Longview??!? Charlie I need you to look into this. And meet my friend Sarah.

LE February MIX

Lots of love for you this month my friends. As always comments and thoughts on the mix are not only welcomed, but appreciated!!!

More to come soon!!!