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Monday, December 18, 2006
It's like that.

****December Playlist****

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thank you December in California. Thanks for your warm weather and smiling faces. Enjoy the playlist for December kids - this time - on time.

Gonzales // Salon Salloon
Part of the SuperCollider crew. How could I have not been into these guys earlier? This is a great disc full of piano. More piano!

Sufjan Stevens // Sister Winter
I know, I know - I can hear it now - "Ohhh my god! Another fucking Sufjan Stevens song." Yes. I know. But it is really quite good. Makes me feel like wearing a scarf and accessorizing with my emotions on my sleeve.

Charlotte Gainsbourg // The Song That We Sing
Wow. Who is this girl? I might have a better idea if I hadn't slept thru Science of Sleep. Right?

Yusef Lateef // The Plum Blossom
Fantastic. The artist formerly known as Cat Stevens. I picture him blowing on a jug in this track. But clearly, I think it is a flute.

Royal Wood // Chamomile
Great track. Great song writing. Signed to Dead Daisy Records out of Canada - big ups to EMM and the whole crew. Check this guy out, almost makes me like the singer/songwriter again.

Softlightes // A Town Named Blue
Just found out about these guys, great listen from start to finish.

Lisa Papineau // Out To You
The female voice of AIR and M83. Enjoy.

The Shins // Sea Legs
My fav new Shins track. Pick up this album - its great. Out soon?!?

The Blow // Let's Play Boys Chase Girls
You know them. They are fun.

On No! Oh My! // I Love You All The Time
Cute. Fun. Great Name.

Rich Boy // Throw Some D's
Hip hop track out of leftfield. Lookout for this one - you will be bobbing your head before you know it. Rock those 2 XLs.

Claudia Lennear // Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
This is my new life motto. Amazing. Off the latest funk comp from the vaults of Warner and Atlantic.

That's Him! That's The Guy! // These Days
Great pop writing. Enjoy.

David Vandervelde // Murder in Michigan
Dear Dave,
I really like your music. I hope I run into you and Brie very soon.
Your friend,
Fantastic new artist on Secretly Canadian. Enjoy.

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground // Bowie 4
Not sure where I found these guys - but fuck me - it's good.

+ / - // One Day You'll Be There
So good. New Plus Minus!

Tally Hall // The Whole World And You
Hailing from Ann Arbor, MI - a great little group. How this city gave the world this band and Robert J Maskin - I have no idea.

Theo Sarapo & Edith Piaf // A Quoi Ca Sert L'Amour
Rainy this one is for you. <3

Peter Bjorn & John // Amsterdam
Not on KCRW. Should be. I love this track. It's happy. It's fun. It's got a good beat.

Flevans // Get Caribou
Track from this UK based producer/beatmaker/remixer. Great stuff.

Tahiti 80 // Big Day
Sounds like a big day.

Beirut // Elephant Gun
Back to back months with Beirut as the closer. I'm in love. Clearly.

December Playlist

November Playlist (in December)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Right, so it's December and I still have not given anyone but G Seese a mix to check. It is the holiday season and things in LA are kinda freaking me out. Lights being hung, narry a snowflake in sight. After years of being beat over the head with 4 seasons, no more. All that being said, looking forward to seeing smiling faces back in the mitten over the coming few weeks. Let's get started with the November disc that is overdue. Enjoy!

Egon // Turkish Funk Mix
an excerpt from a great mix from Egon @ Stones Throw

Mia Doi Todd // Autumn (Nobody Remix)
off the latest comp of Nobody Remixes

Earlimart // Answers & Questions (7" Single)
carrying the Elliott Smith torch the new single is nothing short of great

Adem // These Lights Are Meaningful
my favorite adem track right now, powerful song

Christopher Willits // Colors Shifting
fantastic new release from Ghostly International, beautifully crafted instrumental

Amy Winehouse // Rehab
soul singer from the UK. great voice. great song. seen above.

The Bamboos // Step It Up
more soul. more good-ness. went thru a big soul/funk phase this autumn

El Michels Affair // Behind The Blue Curtains
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra // Che Che Cole Makossa
one of my fav tracks by this great group. anticipating the latest from them

Husky Rescue // Blueberry Tree Part 3
amazing track from these guys. epic, soaring guitars and lovely melody

Madvillain // Figaro (101 Remix)
off the Four Tet DJ Kicks Comp. Fantastic. i want kieren to produce a hip hop album

Steve Spacek // Dollar (prod by J Dilla)
the more i hear from Dilla, the more i realize how much i was missing when he was alive. he never rested. an amazing talent that will forever be missed.

All India Radio // Sunshine Briefly
instrumental. lovely. new on Minty Fresh.

Josh Ottum // The Easy Way Out
not sure where i got this track, but i love it. interesting production and composition.

Luke Temple // Where Is Away
one of my favorite signer songwriters. just was used on the OC. meh.

Bird & The Bee // Fucking Boyfriend
great track. did a residency at spaceland recently - didn't make it out. lots of buzz around the little ones who opened for them as well.

Fujiya & Miyagi // Transparent Things
fantastic release. hard to pick on track that i love on this disc. this one has a nice beat.

The Chi-Lites // That's How Long
recognize this track. yeah, jigga man.

Beirut // After The Curtain
fitting song to end on. great release if you can pick it up.

November Playlist