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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Montag ://: I Have Sound

Canadian-electro outfit that has just put out their disc on Car Park Records, and from what I hear is blazing up the electronic charts in Canada. Eh?? EH?!? Canada! Woot! I like this song - it's a nice mellow song for a sun-drenched day wherever you may be.

Coconut Records ://: West Coast

For the record - I found this before somebody started playing it over and over. Still, a great song. I love it. Very appropriate for me this month - lots of travel - so it felt right.
The Midway State ://: Met a Man on Top of the Hill

Pure pop goodness. Straight ahead - nothing groundbreaking - but catchy - and I kinda like it. Feel that indie-cred slipping?

Warm in the Wake ://: Tame Thoughts

These guys are cool - very mellow - and simplistic - but good. Check them out on tour in the south - ALL MY FRIENDS IN THE SOUTH - go check them out. LOL.

07-07-07 Big John Backwater Bash No. 3 Jackson's Gap AL

06/30/07 3 Crow Bar w/ Hotpipes and J Roddy Nashville TN

06/29/07 JJ's Bohemia w/ Hotpipes and J-Roddy Chattanooga TN

Spoon ://: The Ghost of You Still Lingers

My favorite Spoon album to date, featuring a guest production spot by Jon Brion and some of the coolest work these guys have done IMO. Please please head yourself over to Merge and pickup a little something. This track is probably one of the most left-field tracks on the album, but it's also full of pop gems and usual Spoon goodness.

Rolling Stones :://: Gimme Shelter (Streetlab Remix)

These guys are hot man - they do great work. Head over and check out some of the other stuff they have done here. This is one of my favorites of theres - hope you like it too - perfect for summer.

Dappled Cities ://: Fire Fire Fire (Loving Hands Remix)

Dappled Cities is hot shit right now - garnering major press as they begin their assault on the states courtesy of Dangerbird Records.

Dangerbird Records is hot shit right now as well. I was sad to miss their rooftop party they just had, shame. But fear not, I will be at the next one - for sure. Sea Wolf and Eulogies rocked it while hipsters noshed on tacos, drank free tecate and danced.

Anyway, this is a hot remix by Loving Hands - check him out on the hype machine - but his name is Tim. Read about him. Only right that shit this hot comes from DFA.

Feist ://: Sea Lion (Chromeo Remix)

So I am kinda on a remix kick - obvs - but you can't be mellow in the middle of summer, right? You gotta dance. You gotta. Chromeo I've been feeling sometimes and others I've been snoozing. This one is hot shit though. COP IT.

Bjork ://: Earth Intruders (Spank Rock Remix)

Are you kidding me?



Matthew Dear ://: Fleece on Brain

Epic. Grand. Sleeper hit of the year. Words thrown around already describing Matthew Dear's latest (and possibly greatest) release to date. Go ahead, support Ghostly, get over there and get yourself this one now. I promise you will love it.

Pharoe Monch ://: Push (Ft. Showtime, Mela Machinko, Tower Of Power)

One of my favorite hip hop albums of the year so far - this album is SICK. Monch's flow is amazing - the rhymes are great and the production and beats are top notch. Pick this album up and have a listen.

M.I.A. ://: Bird Flu (Diplo Remix)

Not sure who is producing the latest M.I.A. record or when it is even coming out.....seems like now would be the perfect time - considering it's summer for one. 2, it's been forever. 3, did I mention that it's summer. Diplo fucks this jam up right good.

Obie Trice ://: Mama (Feat. Trey Songz)

Bout time I put up a Shady jam.....love this track - a bit older but felt like a good summer jam. Shit, just thinking to myself why I didn't bring back DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "Summertime" - ILL. More on that later.....

Cool Kids ://: 88

I don't know a ton about these cats - but I love them.


Charlotte Gainsbourg ://: The Operation (Cousin Cole Remix)

I can't get enough of either of these peeps apparently. So I hope you love them as much as I do. I mean......this just hurts:

The Shaky Hands ://: Why & How Come

I love this song for many reasons. The title, first off is great. Questions that you often want to ask in life - but never do. Why? How come? The song also has this really great retro feeling - something like you would find in a Wes Anderson film - during a boxcar racing scene or a dog fighting scene. Who knows. You get what I am saying though....

Rosebuds ://: Night of the Furies (Gary Go Remix)

New Wave eat your heart out. This group on Merge Records hailing from Raleigh is really fucking great. I just have gotten into these guys - I'm late to the party - but the new album is fantastic. I was thru Texas last week - hence the lateness of this months post - and managed to catch these guys twice. The first show - pics below - was in Dallas, where I also ran into Chris from the D, now in the other D.

The Clientele ://: Bookshop Casanova

A beautiful song off the latest release by The Clientele. Could be my fav artwork so far this year.....something about the owls. Great retro sounds, per usual. Enjoy.

Silversun Pickups ://: Lazy Eye (Curtis Vodka Remix)

The Silversun Pickups are everywhere. Touring like madmen. I've been really happy to watch these guys go from playing little shows to headlining and blowing the walls off venues. This is the most popular of the songs on the album, but remixed by Curtis Vodka. For the original and all things Silversun - head over to Dangerbird Records ASAP.

With no further adieu -

The Little Engine June Playlist
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  • m-dog...absolutely love it. glad i ran into you in chi-town!

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  • nice selects, as always - xxoo nic

    the furious:

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  • Hmmm ... can't get it to download ...

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