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The Little Engine Top 20 of 2007

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's close out the year on a good note. I shared a CD with some of my friends at the end of the year - with my top 20 albums in order - a track from each. Here's how the list ended up and the track that I chose to feature on the album.

1. Radiohead ://: In Rainbows ://: 4 Minute Warning

Had to give it up for the album of the year - not just in the music, but the packaging and most of all the amazing resolve they showed in releasing it on their own.

2. LCD Soundsystem ://: Sound of Silver ://: All My Friend (John Cale Version)

Under rated this year, I think. Made a bunch of top 10's but not many top 5's. Give this album the love it deserves. It's amazing.

3. The Ting Tings ://: Split 7" ://: Great DJ

4. Beirut ://: The Flying Club Cup ://: Nantes

5. Spoon ://: The Ga's ://: Black Like Me

Continuing to put out a good amount of material and it keeps getting better.

6. The National ://: Boxer ://: Fake Empire

Sorry Paste, it's not the album of the year - but these guys brought it after taking some time in the studio to make it right - they came out on top. Congrats on a great 2007 guys.

7. Caribou ://: Anodorra ://: Melody Day

Another great album, thing Brian Wilson meets Four Tet and Ulrich Schnauss.....

8. Bullion ://: Songs in the Key of D ://: God Only Knows

Taking the elements from the Pet Sounds sessions and making them into a beat explosion. Amazing. Tops.

9. Iron & Wine ://: The Shepherd's Dog ://: Pagan Angel & a Borrowed Car

Beam continues to amaze. Caught him this year at the Orpheum and it was one of the shows of the year.

10. The Clientele ://: God Save the Clientele ://: From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica

Another unappreciated album from 07, absolutely stunning from front to back - but I think this one was over looked by a lot of people in the end.

11. Digitalism ://: Idealism ://: Pogo

12. Editors ://: An End Has a Start ://: Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

13. Jose Gonzalez ://: In Our Nature ://: In Our Nature

14. Arcade Fire ://: Neon Bible ://: Keep the Car Running

15. Feist ://: The Reminder ://: My Moon, My Man

16. Mobius Band ://: Heaven ://: Hallie

17. Ryan Adams ://: Easy Tiger ://: Two

18. Matthew Dear ://: Asa Breed ://: Fleece on Brain

19. Calvin Harris ://: I Created Disco ://: Merrymaking at my Place

20. Andrew Bird ://: Armchair Apocrypha ://: Yawny at the Apocalypse

December Playlist (a new fashion)

So, after having some difficulties in the way of getting the music to my friends and lovers - the little engine has found a new method to get you people the music. Some of you VIPs may have received the email letting you know about the December post being here. We are still going to write about great new music here - it's just going to be posted thru mixable for you. So set your watches, write on your icals, plug it into your curve - the first mix of 08 is coming next week. Be here, but in the meantime - catch up with the December Playlist.

December Playlist

jonquil ://: lions

reminds me a bit of beirut early on, has a great voice - amazing sounds. looking forward to a full length from jonquil.

the dodos ://: fools

kotki dwa ://: le beau charcutier

an interesting mix of french and english - this simple, eclectic song is one that i love. hope you will too.

pale young gentlemen ://: clap your hands

quirky, piano driven. pour yourself a vodka and dance, do it. ah, the holidays in a polish household.

siberian ://: belgian beer and catholic girls

again....holidays in a polish household.....haha. another great song - very accessible.

bombay bicycle club ://: how are you?

have these gents been signed?? i don't know! but the EPs that are currently scorching my iTunes are amazing. a band to watch in 08.

make model ://: glasgow's no. 1 (demo)

scotlands newest darling - look for real stuff from them soon as this is just a demo - but what a demo it is.

the sugar report ://: dear friends & enemies

more super poppy, rocky stuff. easy to listen to. definite interpol/editors influence.

why? ://: the hollows

so i totally slept on this guy - apparently been around for a bit - why? is a hip hop artist that reminds me very much of canada's buck 65. have a listen. one of my fav tracks this month.

friendly fires ://: on board

another band with a set of EP's out right now - and a new single that I would have featured but couldn't get it in a high enough bit rate called Paris. If anyone has that or the full legnth - I would very much like to hear it.

plugs ://: that number

these guys are tied in with the friendly fires - i believe they are under the same management. great great catchy track . a great remix is floating out there as well.

sonny j ://: i'm so heavy

a really funny track. this guy answered band ads and recorded it. pretty clever.

datA ://: aerius light (breakbot's rework)

rework, remix, whatever - it's good.

lifesavas ://: legend of the gutterfly

ohhh, legend.

bullion ://: long promised

hard not to keep putting these bullion tracks out there. this just bangs. plain and simple.

little dragon ://: wink

ld is starting to get more and more love, almost soul, a little r&b, a little croon, this album offers a great array of music. one not to be missed.

lupe fiasco ://: superstar

i can't say why i love this track - lupe has just been talking to me lately. matthew santos is also featured who is on lupe's label. good voice.

lack of afro ://: touch my soul

feel good track of the mix. if you don't smile when you hear this - what the fuck is wrong with you.

oren lavie ://: her morning elegance

one of the most lovely songs of the year.

these united states ://: burn this bridge

something that is frumpy about this song - but i dig it.

copeland ://: no one really wins (acoustic)

i went almost all year without emo.....and now i went and did it.

December Playlist Here

November Playlist (Limited Edition)

November Mix Made Available Only Upon Request.

LE November 07

Bloc Party ://: The Prayer (La Mode's Sunday School Remix)

An interesting take on one of my favorite Bloc Party tracks.

La Mode ://: Salami

From the people who brought you the above remix.

LCD Soundsystem ://: Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix)

One of the remixes of the year.

David E Sugar ://: Chelsea Girls

So excited about Sugar! Could be one of my favorites so far this year. Very promising single out.

Yoav ://: Adore Adore

MIA ://: Boyz (The Twelves Remix)

Interesting remix crew - have been liking the stuff they have been up too. Check them out!

Augustas Pablo ://: East of the River (Nile Remix)

Sportique ://: The Kids Are Solid Gold

Feel good hit of the month.

Mando Diao ://: The Wildfire (We're Having Fun)

Another feel good track, it's a feel good month!

Mojib ://: Answering Machine at Night

Another really interesting artist that I have been into as of late. Taking elements from other artists and creating a collage of sorts - definitely an interesting listen especially if you are into the people he is taking those parts from.

The Fiery Furnaces ://: Duplexes of the Dead

Finally they have shed the indier than thou crown and are making some interesting music. Happy to finally put them on a mix.

MC Scott ://: Free (Remix)


Jay-Z ://: No Hook

Have you read about this? The work he did in coming out of retirement (again) for American Gangster is pretty amazing. Read up people. Jigga is on his shit.

Lupe Fiasco ://: Kick Push (ESTAW Remix)

Love ESTAW. Just love it.
Patrick Watson ://: Daydreamer Sondre Lerche ://: Untitled

Spank Rock ://: Sweet Talk (Remix)

A remix, mash of sorts - lots of energy on this track - one of my favs.

Buillion ://: God Only Knows

I can't get enough of this dude. Just amazing.

October Playlist

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
After falling asleep under the apple tree for a bit - the Little Engine is back and running. This month is a great one. Headed to NY to see some great friends and getting into the swing of things amidst large amounts of change and even - strife!! Enjoy the mix!

The Tings Tings ://: Great DJ

My BAND OF THE YEAR. I have been loving these guys for a long time now - and it's time to share. They are amazing. Catchy, amazing pop. If they don't break thru in the states, I'm leaving. They have 7" out abroad at the moment, with more to come from their current studio sessions.

Timbaland ://: Way I Are (Cousin Cole Rework)

Cousin Cole is back on LE playlist. We're happy to have you back.

Black Ghosts ://: It's Your Touch (Ashley Beadle's Heavy Disco Edit)

Tasty remix - very disco. Very hot.

New Young Pony Club ://: Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Not sure if this is new or old - seems new - or I just missed it - but fair to say if it's new - the boys are back in town.

Caribou ://: Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)

Lots of remixes already this month I know - this is from the single. Top 10 records of the year me thinks - don't sleep on it.

The Beach Boys ://: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Bullion Remix)

Noneother than DJ Good Foot hooked me into this track - has his sound. Tasty and rare Beach Boys Remix!

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke ://: You'll Stay In My Heart

Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam! Slow jam!

Spoon ://: You Got Yr Cherry Bomb (Get Nice! Version)

Taken from the Get Nice! EP

Club 8 ://: Leave the North

6 albums! 6 albums in and I just get wind of this Sweedish group?? Excited and shocked.

The Minor Cannon ://: It Never Was....

Great track. Local LA gents.

James Iha & Kazu Makino - The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde

Engineers ://: Hang Your Head

Jimmy Eat World ://: Big Casino

I'm a New Jersey success story!! Yeah!

Black Kids ://: I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

More local LA flavor.

The Airborne Toxic Event ://: Does This Mean You're Moving On?

And just a bit more.


Moving Units ://: Nail It To The Cross

New. Good.

We Are Wolves ://: Fight & Kiss

Ringo Deathstarr ://: Sweet Girl

****Great! Met this kid in Austin - love this track! Enjoy!

Sébastien Tellier ://: Sexual Sportswear (Sebastien Remix)

Liza played this the other night. It was scattered amongst a bunch of other little "gems" as well as jazz, worldbeat, classical and heavey italian house. I mean, come on.

will.i.am ://: impatient

Radiohead ://: Videotape (Mojib Remix)

First remix I have found from the new album, and it's great.


LE October Playlist 07

October Bonus EP

Overheard on CNN by Little Engine team:

"Some people think California is all chardonney sippers and quiche eaters but they are really pulling together."

First off, way to go CNN. Secondly, lots of things in life have been solved by simple means - not always the case - but in some cases: dancing. So I had a few extra tracks to get to you kids this month - here it is the October Dance EP.

Strip Steve ://: Ready Steady

Young, French electronic producer Strip Steve is keeping busy. Few remixes, few originals. Enjoy.

TEPR ://: minuit jacuzzi (data remix)

Grafton Primary ://: Relativity

A few months ago, I wrote about Muscles who has since signed to Modular and is doing very well from what I hear. Muscles is from down under and so are these dudes - Grafton Primary. Different sound - but still pretty alright.

Dave Gahan ://: Kingdom (Booka Shade Mix)

Dave's new album is out. This is a remix that I really like, but I mean comeon. Comeon!

Cut Copy ://: So Haunted

Interesting new single by one of my favs, Cut Copy. Check it out. Enjoy.

LE We're On Fire Bonus EP


September Playlist (Limited Edition)

So this is the last of the 3 month limited edition - I promise. :) These mixes are available by request only - I hope those of you that have listened have enjoyed. Hearts and what not.

Let's do this:

Justin Timberlake ://: Love Stoned (Justice Remix)

Lots of these remixes were done -but this shit is hot. I don't even care. It's hot. 2nd favorite remix of the month. Right here. Right now.

Operator Please ://: Just A Song About Ping Pong

Wacky UK kids. They love their ping pong.

Benzos ://: Sell This Thing

Darker, a bit. But still has a nice tone and production quality to it.

Simian Mobile Disco ://: Sleep Deprivation


Yeasayer ://: Sunrise

I like this song - has an optimistic quality to it. Enjoy. Be sure to check out "2080" by these Brooklyn guys as well. Excellent.

The Pigeon Detectives ://: I Found Out

Matthew Dear ://: Dom and Sherri (Hot Chip Remix)

Can't miss.

Calvin Harris ://: Merrymaking at My Place (Kissy Sell Out Remix)

Favorite remix of the month. Can't really get enough of the original but the new version done here by Kissy Sell Out (picured above) fucking blows my mind. It really does.

The Aliens ://: I Am the Unknown

Ex-Beta Band, yada yada.

Gaudi ://: Jab Teri Dhun Main Raha Karte They

Nusrat remixed, basically. Tight album, you need this.

Chromeo ://: My Girl Is Calling Me a Liar

I don't know why I keep giving these guys love.......but I do.

Bart Simpson ://: Do the Bartman (Diplo Remix)

I know it's a bit strange, but sometimes strange is good. Whether or not that is the case here is kinda up for grabs. Thought I would put it to you guys.

M.I.A. ://: Paper Planes (Remix ft. Bun B and Rich Boy)

I just want to take your money!!! Give it to me! Yeah Rich Boy! Who the hell is Bun B? (tragic)

Le Loup ://: We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!

Most pretentious indie rock title of the year? Have to be a front runner.

Film School ://: Go Down Together

Better song writing on this album. Worth it.

Celebration ://: Evergreen

I like this track. Didn't like these guys before - but this new album is mad decent.

Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew ://: Aging Faces / Losing Faces

Odd for the crew out of Canada - but ok. I'll go with it.

Japancakes ://: Heaven Or Las Vegas (Cocteau Twins Cover)

Great track - a cover - but still great.

LE September 07 (Available By Request Only)

August Playlist (Limited Edition)

August mix is here. Enjoy.

Earlimart ://: Fakey Fake

The latest installment of Earlimart is here. Pull on a tight sweater, roll a smoke and be thoughtful!

The Attorneys ://: On A Whim

Shit. Was turned onto these Brooklyn fellahs by a friend of a friend and I just love this track. Straight up rock, some quirky production and a great story. What more could you ask for? How about a moment of glimmering rock and roll at about the 3:15 mark of the song. Ah, joy.

Silver City ://: Shiver (Ewan Pearson Bari Girl Remix)

I don't know Silver City.

I do now.

Thank you Ewan.

The Tough Alliance ://: Something Special

Sweedish pop - these kids have been busy - doing remixes for the most part - but I'm going to keep my ear to the ground and see what they do next. I like this track - it's got a catchiness to it. And they are clearly bringing back the post-trucker, trucker hat. And stonewash jeans. Who wins? We all do.

Jose Gonzalez ://: Down the Line


Rooney ://: I Should Have Been After You

Ah pop gems by Rooney. Over under on the number of tours they will cancel over the next 2 years? I'll take the over on 3.

Common ://: Drivin Me Wild (Ft Lilly Allen)

Kano ://: Fightin' The Nation

Great track and a new rising star over in the UK. Keep tabs on this grimey chap.

Bappi Lahiri, Chorus, Kishore Kumar, Nandu Bhende, Parvati K ://: Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja

MIA used this on her new track. It's kinda fun.

Taken by Trees ://: Open Field

Lovely. Really.

Magnet ://: The Gospel Song

Kate Nash ://: Pumpkin Soup

Biffy Clyro ://: Folding Stars

Belongs on Grey's or something......but that's ok.

Emerson Hart ://: Friend to a Stranger

Alaska In Winter Feat. Beirut ://: Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind

Sounds like Beirut - but guess what - it's not! It's Alaska In Winter (featured above). Enjoy.

Mewzic Monsterz ://: Champ

The Daniel Johnson jam of the month. Props.

Robbers on High Street ://: Married Young (Glass Remix)

Tasty remix!

Interpol ://: Heinrich Maneuver (Phones Remix)

Bonkers, but kinda cool.

Edit: KCRW is not fully rotating this one. Meh.

LE August 07 (Available by Request Only)

July Playlist (Limited Edition)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tangoterje ://: Diamonds Dub

A little rework of the Paul Simon classic. Enjoy.

Madlib ://: Movie Finale (taken from the new Beat Conducta in India)

Bon Iver ://: Skinny Love

One of my favorite songs this year, vocals remind me of TV on the Radio. Not to be missed.

Shy Child ://: Summer

Shout Out Louds ://: You Are Dreaming

Another great track with a big new wave sound, happy track for sure.

UNKLE ://: Restless (Ft Josh Homme)

Great vocals, great beat, great production. Enjoy this one.

Kickball ://: Stop (Infinity)

I didn't just put them on here because of their name. Really. It stands up.

Sea Wolf ://: Middle Distance Runner

Everyone <3s Sea Wolf. Everyone.

Studio ://: Self Service

Devin the Dude ://: Broccoli & Cheese

Thoughtful lyrics, thoughtful production.

Digitalism ://: Pogo

Featured now on Pontiac and KCRW.

The Sheds ://: Drunk For Lunch

Awesome little known group - great lyrics. Get into it.

The Kinks ://: This Time Tomorrow

Featured in the new Wes Anderson flick. Wes loves The Kinks.

The Donkeys ://: 7th Heaven

A rash of "the" bands in the July playlist....oh dear.

Spoon ://: Jonathan Fisk (demo)

Always fun to hear the pre-cursor to the full on production. More on this ahead.....

Vampire Weekend ://: Oxford Comma

Nothing like these guys, who have seen much success since the July post - signing onto Beggars Group. Congrats.

LE July (available by request only)

://: June Playlist ://:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Montag ://: I Have Sound

Canadian-electro outfit that has just put out their disc on Car Park Records, and from what I hear is blazing up the electronic charts in Canada. Eh?? EH?!? Canada! Woot! I like this song - it's a nice mellow song for a sun-drenched day wherever you may be.

Coconut Records ://: West Coast

For the record - I found this before somebody started playing it over and over. Still, a great song. I love it. Very appropriate for me this month - lots of travel - so it felt right.
The Midway State ://: Met a Man on Top of the Hill

Pure pop goodness. Straight ahead - nothing groundbreaking - but catchy - and I kinda like it. Feel that indie-cred slipping?

Warm in the Wake ://: Tame Thoughts

These guys are cool - very mellow - and simplistic - but good. Check them out on tour in the south - ALL MY FRIENDS IN THE SOUTH - go check them out. LOL.

07-07-07 Big John Backwater Bash No. 3 Jackson's Gap AL

06/30/07 3 Crow Bar w/ Hotpipes and J Roddy Nashville TN

06/29/07 JJ's Bohemia w/ Hotpipes and J-Roddy Chattanooga TN

Spoon ://: The Ghost of You Still Lingers

My favorite Spoon album to date, featuring a guest production spot by Jon Brion and some of the coolest work these guys have done IMO. Please please head yourself over to Merge and pickup a little something. This track is probably one of the most left-field tracks on the album, but it's also full of pop gems and usual Spoon goodness.

Rolling Stones :://: Gimme Shelter (Streetlab Remix)

These guys are hot man - they do great work. Head over and check out some of the other stuff they have done here. This is one of my favorites of theres - hope you like it too - perfect for summer.

Dappled Cities ://: Fire Fire Fire (Loving Hands Remix)

Dappled Cities is hot shit right now - garnering major press as they begin their assault on the states courtesy of Dangerbird Records.

Dangerbird Records is hot shit right now as well. I was sad to miss their rooftop party they just had, shame. But fear not, I will be at the next one - for sure. Sea Wolf and Eulogies rocked it while hipsters noshed on tacos, drank free tecate and danced.

Anyway, this is a hot remix by Loving Hands - check him out on the hype machine - but his name is Tim. Read about him. Only right that shit this hot comes from DFA.

Feist ://: Sea Lion (Chromeo Remix)

So I am kinda on a remix kick - obvs - but you can't be mellow in the middle of summer, right? You gotta dance. You gotta. Chromeo I've been feeling sometimes and others I've been snoozing. This one is hot shit though. COP IT.

Bjork ://: Earth Intruders (Spank Rock Remix)

Are you kidding me?



Matthew Dear ://: Fleece on Brain

Epic. Grand. Sleeper hit of the year. Words thrown around already describing Matthew Dear's latest (and possibly greatest) release to date. Go ahead, support Ghostly, get over there and get yourself this one now. I promise you will love it.

Pharoe Monch ://: Push (Ft. Showtime, Mela Machinko, Tower Of Power)

One of my favorite hip hop albums of the year so far - this album is SICK. Monch's flow is amazing - the rhymes are great and the production and beats are top notch. Pick this album up and have a listen.

M.I.A. ://: Bird Flu (Diplo Remix)

Not sure who is producing the latest M.I.A. record or when it is even coming out.....seems like now would be the perfect time - considering it's summer for one. 2, it's been forever. 3, did I mention that it's summer. Diplo fucks this jam up right good.

Obie Trice ://: Mama (Feat. Trey Songz)

Bout time I put up a Shady jam.....love this track - a bit older but felt like a good summer jam. Shit, just thinking to myself why I didn't bring back DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "Summertime" - ILL. More on that later.....

Cool Kids ://: 88

I don't know a ton about these cats - but I love them.


Charlotte Gainsbourg ://: The Operation (Cousin Cole Remix)

I can't get enough of either of these peeps apparently. So I hope you love them as much as I do. I mean......this just hurts:

The Shaky Hands ://: Why & How Come

I love this song for many reasons. The title, first off is great. Questions that you often want to ask in life - but never do. Why? How come? The song also has this really great retro feeling - something like you would find in a Wes Anderson film - during a boxcar racing scene or a dog fighting scene. Who knows. You get what I am saying though....

Rosebuds ://: Night of the Furies (Gary Go Remix)

New Wave eat your heart out. This group on Merge Records hailing from Raleigh is really fucking great. I just have gotten into these guys - I'm late to the party - but the new album is fantastic. I was thru Texas last week - hence the lateness of this months post - and managed to catch these guys twice. The first show - pics below - was in Dallas, where I also ran into Chris from the D, now in the other D.

The Clientele ://: Bookshop Casanova

A beautiful song off the latest release by The Clientele. Could be my fav artwork so far this year.....something about the owls. Great retro sounds, per usual. Enjoy.

Silversun Pickups ://: Lazy Eye (Curtis Vodka Remix)

The Silversun Pickups are everywhere. Touring like madmen. I've been really happy to watch these guys go from playing little shows to headlining and blowing the walls off venues. This is the most popular of the songs on the album, but remixed by Curtis Vodka. For the original and all things Silversun - head over to Dangerbird Records ASAP.

With no further adieu -

The Little Engine June Playlist

://: May Playlist ://:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Welcome to May kids....sounds like everyone has enjoyed the April and March playlists. Glad that you guys are into it. I hope that May finds you well - I really like this months list - lots of great new things in the works - and June is already looking like a great mix! Caught a few shows this month, including getting to see The Little Ones, Sia and The Bird & The Bee play together at one of the oldest recording studios in LA. It was a great show - and a great night. Various celebs were floating about - and ran into some great friends there as well. Thanks to D Won, NN, EG, The Sandwich man and everyone else who made it out.

Just got back from a trip up to SF - many fun things happening in that city - and many bright minds at work. It's so refreshing to get up there and see what people are up too outside LA. I'm off to Portland and Seattle next week for a few and will be seeing the DJ stylings of Amon Tobin whilst there. If I can get a post or two up with some music or video - I will do that. Until then - enjoy the sun - the best time of year for sports and the May Playlist.


://:May Playlist://:
Prefuse 73_____The Letter "P"

A little short intro from Prefuse. Simple and short.

The Rapture_____Get Myself Into It (Sebastian Remix)

This one is another oldie, but goodie. Been loving the work that Sebastian has been doing - just did a remix for Bloc Party as well on their latest single. So good. Sebastian defnitely fits well with what The Rapture is doing as well.

Artic Monkeys_____________Brianstorm

I have sort of intentionally ignored these guys, mostly because of the immediate popularity comparisons to The Beatles. I think it's ridiculous and borderline insulting to compare anyone at such a young age to them - but this second disc released on Domino - is pretty good. Much better than the initial effort I think. This is a choppy, gritty piece - enjoy.

Pharrell___How Does It Feel? (?uestlove Remix)

?uestlove has been keeping busy. Putting out a double disc compilation not too far back - and doing a number of remixes of late - this one included. Not shying from taking on one of the best beat makers around - he takes a Pharrell track (from his ultimately disappointing debut disc) and reworks the track to even bigger proportions. Wow.

Femi Kuti__________Beng____Beng_____Beng

Making his way to LA in July - and I won't be missing him. Afrobeat goodness for you to chew on. This is an older track - and I think there are a few remixes of this floating around out there as well - nonetheless - this track stands up on its own.

Snowden________Like Bullets

Another one that I slept on - based on over hype and initial impressions. I dusted it off the other day and listened to the whole album. Great stuff. I'm on board. If you like this track - you will like the rest of the album - pick it up.

Datarock______I Used to Dance with My Daddy

A fun track - all you can really say. I love the production and the ridiculous vocals. A few good remixes are out there of this track as well.

Lily Allen Feat Wale________Smile (Mark Ronson Remix)

Squeezing as many buzz-worthy people as possible into one track. We have Mark Ronson with a new remix, a new album with tons of great guests - this one including the also buzz worthy Wale who has been doing a ton of great work as well. This track is loaded - and lives up to the hype.

Wale Feat TCB___________Ice Cream Girl

So here is Wale - doing his thing. Great production - poppy - but bangin. The Cherry Gonna POP! The Cherry Gonna POP! Nice.

Hot Chip______________________________My Piano

It's My Piano.

You leave it all alone.




New Hot Chip single. The hottest shit they have done without being remixed to date.

Maximo Park_______Karaoke Plays

More good rock - newly released. Pick up this album - it's fantastical. Great rock. Another deubt album that was OK - but the follow up seems to be worlds ahead and better.


Relative unknown to me until a good friend from the UK hipped me to these guys. More chip choppy rock action with some good remixes floating around out there. Hot FOALS action. Gobble gobble.


Poppy. Good. Lovely. This song is almost sing along type material. Something a little more pop for you. Has very Verve like moments - which I love. Strings meet great piano. It's southerly's piano - you leave it all alone.....

Malcom Middleton______A Brighter Beat

The depressing front man behind the Arab Strap - Middleton breaks out with - "A Brighter Beat" full length - out now. I have always liked this guys vocals, Scottish with an almost Cohen-like deadpan to them but without the synthy production. See what you think.

My Latest Novel____________________________Pretty in a Panic

Arcade Fire? What? Yeah, sounds like them a bit as well, no? More Scottish love for you - NME had this to say:

“the Glaswegian Arcade Fire’s debut is fragile, epic and melancholic”

The Go Find___________Dictionary

Morr Music put out this great disc - whats new right? Morr has been one of the best pop/electronic labels in the past few years in my book - and they are now on emusic! So for those of you looking to get in on it - do it quick - no telling how long great labels will remain with the emusic model. Anyway, this track is great - and this entire album is worth picking up.

The Black Ghosts______________Something New

Sounds like: Phoenix

Mood: happy, carefree

Instructions: Rinse. Repeat.

The Handsome Furs__________________What We Had

I love these guys. (pictured above) Could be my fave band of the month. The full length is great. I believe it's a Sub Pop release but could be wrong. Anyhow, chalk up another one out of Montreal - this time a spin off of Wolf Parade - and a good one. I was never a fan of Wolf Parade - but the guy who splintered off Dan, picked up with this girl, Alexi - and they make lovely music.

Travis_____Big Chair

Saw these guys once again - this time at Coachella. They still bring back memories with "Driftwood" "Why Does It Always Rain on Me" etc etc. I guess I am just on a Scottish kick this month. Didn't realize it until now. Maybe I should go to Scotland.......anyway, this is a new track from the new Travis disc. Very tasty. Pick it up ASAP.

The Acorn__________Darcy

A cute little mellow number. This is actually from their release all the way back in 2004. They have since come out with a few more EP's. I would suggest checking them out - very good stuff.
This track is on The Pink Ghosts LP. They call it the soundtrack to the summer you never had. Canadians....

Devendra Banhart___________The Body Breaks

Haunting and beautiful - one of his best tracks out there. If you haven't heard of this guy - take a listen.

Little Engine May Playlist (Disc 1 of 1)

Happy Birthday Gomez.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Big day for my boy Gomez.

He wants his cake everyday.

Big ups.

This one is for you, my friend, happy birthday.

Rick Ross - Birthday

Double the Pleasure! Double the Fun!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Long overdue yes, I know - but the great news is that since the March mix has been waiting in the wings - today I am giving you twice the fun! For those of you that remember the Doublemint Twins - ironically - BBDO has decided to bring back the Doublemint twins in different ways......sounds interesting? Read about it here.

In other news, my heart goes out to those families who are grieving right now for the tragic event at VA Tech today. I don't want to get into a long thing about this - but two things strike me right away. The question of what leads someone to do these types of things - in fact - in Detroit not two weeks ago - a man came into an office and shot a number of people before being taken into custody. Now this. What causes this rage, this hatred? Now it seems more than ever that this should be a time of unity and as Donny Deutsch put it recently, kindness is the new black. I recently checked out an interesting speech on relationships - personal, professional - everything. What struck me is how we take each other for granted, we take good fortune for granted. I am working more and more to be thankful for the good friends and family in my life and less and less to be pessimistic, judgemental or unattentive. I think if everyone took a few more minutes in their day to day life to reach out to one another and tell someone that you love or a friend or whomever that you appreciate them - maybe - these types of tragedies wouldn't occur. I don't think its a solution - but it certainly is something that help rebuild the fabric of our society which more and more seems to be unraveling.

That being said - I appreciate you my friends - and that is why I do this (mostly monthly). I hope that you enjoy the music - and as always - love to hear what you think of the music.

<3 style="font-weight: bold;">://:March Playlist://:

Cornelius ://: Brazil

I first heard Cornelius a few months back - but this guy has been around. Lots of minimal, pretty electro-pop here. Some of the full length can be a bit busy - but I really like this track.

Notorious B.I.G. ://: Party and Bullshit (Ratatat remix)

One of my fav outfits of the past few years strikes again. These guys have been really busy - starting with their self-titled debut a few years back and since releasing a new record, Wildcat, a beats bootleg, and two hip-hop remix records. This track comes from the forthcoming release and is probably one of the best remixes I have heard this year.

Plan B ://: Missing Links (Ft Radiohead)

Anything that tosses Radiohead into the mix is cool with me. Plan B has been gathering a bit of press over the past months and I thought it high time to present him to you.

Ta'Raach ://: The What What

I just love it. I don't really know that much about these guys - but cool track.

k-os ://: Valhalla

A great track that makes you want to tap your feet just a bit. Driving guitar and drums. Put the top down and turn it up. Rinse. Repeat.

Holy Fuck ://: The Pulse

These guys are the shit. I know very little about them - but everything I have heard has been wow-fantastical. There is another track by these guys that I recently discovered that I love almost more than this......enjoy.

Midlake ://: Roscoe (Beyond the Wizard remix)

Not a very distinctive remix - but a nice long track that has a great vibe to it. For those of you that have not heard Midlake yet - pick up the full length. It's like Fleetwood Mac all over again.

120 Days ://: Be Mine

Cool electronic outfit - very fun.

Lovedrug ://: Happy Apple Poison

ROCK. The Militia Group is great - I have been loving what they have been doing lately - this band being one of them. They are all over the board production wise - but listening to this one day driving back from Malibu totally floored me. Mid-90s production values I think. Totally OTT.

Andrew Bird ://: Heretics

For those of you that haven't heard Andrew Birds first disc - go get it. While you are there - pick up his new disc as well. It's amazing. This is the single that has been around - but for a first introduction - it's great. And the album is worth every track.

Vandaveer ://: Different Cities

Gentle track, reminds me of all my friends scattered over the states and over seas.

Horse Feathers ://: Falling Through the Roof

Great vibe. Love this track

Pop Levi ://: Sugar Assault Me Now

Awesome artist out of the UK on Ninja Tune. Will be doing a stateside tour in the next month or so. If Pop comes thru your city - be sure to get out and say hello.

Mezzanine Owls ://: Lightbulb

Fun, quirky, indie.

Little. Yellow. Different.

Los Campesinos ://: We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Could be one of my fav track names ever. The song backs it up. Gets a little disjointed at the end - but so good. And kinda cute? In a dark way?

Nine Horses ://: Get the Hell Out

No idea where these guys came from - but love the dark lyrical tone. Enjoy this one.

Muscles ://: Ice Cream

ICE CREAM - IS GONNA SAVE THE DAY!!! How true, how true. An Aussie making a bit of noise state side.

Youth Group ://: On a String

My most uplifting track on the album I think.

Bobby Baby ://: Later

Quiet. Sensitive.


Eastern Conference Champs ://: Some Sort of Light

Great closer to the first disc. Kinda sorta epic.

LE March Playlist (Disc 1)

://:April Playlist://:

Mark Ronson ://: Valerie (Ft Amy Winehouse)

More Amy Winehouse goodness. Can't get enough of this girl. This comes from an upcoming release of Mark Ronson. It's out in England next week - and should be state side soon.

Lord Rhaburn ://: Disco Connection

I've been into some really old disco and roots music lately - this is off a great compilation called Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up. Google Lord Rhaburn and check out his story. It's well worth it.

Nitty Kutchie ://: Ghetto

Story of my life.

Gavin Castleton ://: Hymn 2

Really soulful pretty track. Mellow mood.

Aqualung ://: Cinderella

Nothing new here - most everyone has heard of this talented guy. I'm not a huge fan - but I kinda dig this suedo-epic track. Cheese!

The National ://: Mistaken for Strangers

One of my fav tracks on the new album - it is toootaly worth going to get this one. Make sure to get their back catalogue as well. His knack for writing hooks is uncanny - lyrically and otherwise.

Terribly Empty Pockets ://: Cleft Foot

Could be the next national? I thought it was them the first time I heard this track. Probably why I like it so much. And they have a great name. These guys hail from Ohio.

Sea Wolf ://: The Garden You Planted

One of my fav pretty pretty songs I have heard in sometime. Great guy. Lives in LA. Keeping Dangerbird in the picture - as usual.

Wilco ://: Either Way

After the last Wilco album - I wasn't excited for this release - but it's pure 70's mellow rock and I love it. This track borders into noodle territory - but somehow - it just seems ok.

The Lovekevins ://: Eurovision

80s love.

Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities ://: Sickness

A very cool track. Great beat. Cool tones.

Blonde Redhead ://: Dr Strangelove

Searing. Another great release that is absolutely lovely. I've listened to it a ton - and I can't get enough. More accessible than previous releases and much more produced. High Rec.

Dntel ://: Dreams (ft Mystic Chords of Memory)

Pretty song - I love the end where it gets a little out there. Overall, the new Dntel is good - not great. Worth a listen - flawless production.

Cut Copy ://: Hearts on Fire

A banger. Way overdue to post this one - been selfish in hoarding it away. Such a great track. Turn it up in your bedroom and dance.

Ellen Allien ://: In White Rooms (Neo Mix Ft Booka Shade)

Totally great electro track. This is where the mix goes off the electro-deep end. Proverbially speaking.

Chromeo ://: Tenderoni

Ironic? Who knows? But I dig it.

Black Devil Disco Club ://: Constantly No Respect

Dark moody electronic music. Great debut album from this crew - pick it up over at emusic.

Shout Out Out Out Out ://: Chicken Soup for the Fuck You

Best song title of 07. One of the best albums of 07. You must buy this now.

That concludes the double disc action. Hope you enjoy the music - lots of good new releases to go out and buy.

LE April Playlist (Disc 2)