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August Playlist (Limited Edition)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
August mix is here. Enjoy.

Earlimart ://: Fakey Fake

The latest installment of Earlimart is here. Pull on a tight sweater, roll a smoke and be thoughtful!

The Attorneys ://: On A Whim

Shit. Was turned onto these Brooklyn fellahs by a friend of a friend and I just love this track. Straight up rock, some quirky production and a great story. What more could you ask for? How about a moment of glimmering rock and roll at about the 3:15 mark of the song. Ah, joy.

Silver City ://: Shiver (Ewan Pearson Bari Girl Remix)

I don't know Silver City.

I do now.

Thank you Ewan.

The Tough Alliance ://: Something Special

Sweedish pop - these kids have been busy - doing remixes for the most part - but I'm going to keep my ear to the ground and see what they do next. I like this track - it's got a catchiness to it. And they are clearly bringing back the post-trucker, trucker hat. And stonewash jeans. Who wins? We all do.

Jose Gonzalez ://: Down the Line


Rooney ://: I Should Have Been After You

Ah pop gems by Rooney. Over under on the number of tours they will cancel over the next 2 years? I'll take the over on 3.

Common ://: Drivin Me Wild (Ft Lilly Allen)

Kano ://: Fightin' The Nation

Great track and a new rising star over in the UK. Keep tabs on this grimey chap.

Bappi Lahiri, Chorus, Kishore Kumar, Nandu Bhende, Parvati K ://: Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja

MIA used this on her new track. It's kinda fun.

Taken by Trees ://: Open Field

Lovely. Really.

Magnet ://: The Gospel Song

Kate Nash ://: Pumpkin Soup

Biffy Clyro ://: Folding Stars

Belongs on Grey's or something......but that's ok.

Emerson Hart ://: Friend to a Stranger

Alaska In Winter Feat. Beirut ://: Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind

Sounds like Beirut - but guess what - it's not! It's Alaska In Winter (featured above). Enjoy.

Mewzic Monsterz ://: Champ

The Daniel Johnson jam of the month. Props.

Robbers on High Street ://: Married Young (Glass Remix)

Tasty remix!

Interpol ://: Heinrich Maneuver (Phones Remix)

Bonkers, but kinda cool.

Edit: KCRW is not fully rotating this one. Meh.

LE August 07 (Available by Request Only)
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  • Dude any chance i could get a copy of "champ" by mewszic monsterz off you? Looked for it everywhere but can't find it. Get back to me on: asad.halepota@gmail.com. Thanks.

    By Blogger Asad, at 6:28 AM  
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