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October Bonus EP

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Overheard on CNN by Little Engine team:

"Some people think California is all chardonney sippers and quiche eaters but they are really pulling together."

First off, way to go CNN. Secondly, lots of things in life have been solved by simple means - not always the case - but in some cases: dancing. So I had a few extra tracks to get to you kids this month - here it is the October Dance EP.

Strip Steve ://: Ready Steady

Young, French electronic producer Strip Steve is keeping busy. Few remixes, few originals. Enjoy.

TEPR ://: minuit jacuzzi (data remix)

Grafton Primary ://: Relativity

A few months ago, I wrote about Muscles who has since signed to Modular and is doing very well from what I hear. Muscles is from down under and so are these dudes - Grafton Primary. Different sound - but still pretty alright.

Dave Gahan ://: Kingdom (Booka Shade Mix)

Dave's new album is out. This is a remix that I really like, but I mean comeon. Comeon!

Cut Copy ://: So Haunted

Interesting new single by one of my favs, Cut Copy. Check it out. Enjoy.

LE We're On Fire Bonus EP


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  • i'm dancing and not breathing properly at the same time! it's great! so 'california'
    and link the new link yo


    By Blogger AmySchmalz, at 10:12 PM  
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