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December Playlist (a new fashion)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

So, after having some difficulties in the way of getting the music to my friends and lovers - the little engine has found a new method to get you people the music. Some of you VIPs may have received the email letting you know about the December post being here. We are still going to write about great new music here - it's just going to be posted thru mixable for you. So set your watches, write on your icals, plug it into your curve - the first mix of 08 is coming next week. Be here, but in the meantime - catch up with the December Playlist.

December Playlist

jonquil ://: lions

reminds me a bit of beirut early on, has a great voice - amazing sounds. looking forward to a full length from jonquil.

the dodos ://: fools

kotki dwa ://: le beau charcutier

an interesting mix of french and english - this simple, eclectic song is one that i love. hope you will too.

pale young gentlemen ://: clap your hands

quirky, piano driven. pour yourself a vodka and dance, do it. ah, the holidays in a polish household.

siberian ://: belgian beer and catholic girls

again....holidays in a polish household.....haha. another great song - very accessible.

bombay bicycle club ://: how are you?

have these gents been signed?? i don't know! but the EPs that are currently scorching my iTunes are amazing. a band to watch in 08.

make model ://: glasgow's no. 1 (demo)

scotlands newest darling - look for real stuff from them soon as this is just a demo - but what a demo it is.

the sugar report ://: dear friends & enemies

more super poppy, rocky stuff. easy to listen to. definite interpol/editors influence.

why? ://: the hollows

so i totally slept on this guy - apparently been around for a bit - why? is a hip hop artist that reminds me very much of canada's buck 65. have a listen. one of my fav tracks this month.

friendly fires ://: on board

another band with a set of EP's out right now - and a new single that I would have featured but couldn't get it in a high enough bit rate called Paris. If anyone has that or the full legnth - I would very much like to hear it.

plugs ://: that number

these guys are tied in with the friendly fires - i believe they are under the same management. great great catchy track . a great remix is floating out there as well.

sonny j ://: i'm so heavy

a really funny track. this guy answered band ads and recorded it. pretty clever.

datA ://: aerius light (breakbot's rework)

rework, remix, whatever - it's good.

lifesavas ://: legend of the gutterfly

ohhh, legend.

bullion ://: long promised

hard not to keep putting these bullion tracks out there. this just bangs. plain and simple.

little dragon ://: wink

ld is starting to get more and more love, almost soul, a little r&b, a little croon, this album offers a great array of music. one not to be missed.

lupe fiasco ://: superstar

i can't say why i love this track - lupe has just been talking to me lately. matthew santos is also featured who is on lupe's label. good voice.

lack of afro ://: touch my soul

feel good track of the mix. if you don't smile when you hear this - what the fuck is wrong with you.

oren lavie ://: her morning elegance

one of the most lovely songs of the year.

these united states ://: burn this bridge

something that is frumpy about this song - but i dig it.

copeland ://: no one really wins (acoustic)

i went almost all year without emo.....and now i went and did it.

December Playlist Here