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The Little Engine Top 20 of 2007

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's close out the year on a good note. I shared a CD with some of my friends at the end of the year - with my top 20 albums in order - a track from each. Here's how the list ended up and the track that I chose to feature on the album.

1. Radiohead ://: In Rainbows ://: 4 Minute Warning

Had to give it up for the album of the year - not just in the music, but the packaging and most of all the amazing resolve they showed in releasing it on their own.

2. LCD Soundsystem ://: Sound of Silver ://: All My Friend (John Cale Version)

Under rated this year, I think. Made a bunch of top 10's but not many top 5's. Give this album the love it deserves. It's amazing.

3. The Ting Tings ://: Split 7" ://: Great DJ

4. Beirut ://: The Flying Club Cup ://: Nantes

5. Spoon ://: The Ga's ://: Black Like Me

Continuing to put out a good amount of material and it keeps getting better.

6. The National ://: Boxer ://: Fake Empire

Sorry Paste, it's not the album of the year - but these guys brought it after taking some time in the studio to make it right - they came out on top. Congrats on a great 2007 guys.

7. Caribou ://: Anodorra ://: Melody Day

Another great album, thing Brian Wilson meets Four Tet and Ulrich Schnauss.....

8. Bullion ://: Songs in the Key of D ://: God Only Knows

Taking the elements from the Pet Sounds sessions and making them into a beat explosion. Amazing. Tops.

9. Iron & Wine ://: The Shepherd's Dog ://: Pagan Angel & a Borrowed Car

Beam continues to amaze. Caught him this year at the Orpheum and it was one of the shows of the year.

10. The Clientele ://: God Save the Clientele ://: From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica

Another unappreciated album from 07, absolutely stunning from front to back - but I think this one was over looked by a lot of people in the end.

11. Digitalism ://: Idealism ://: Pogo

12. Editors ://: An End Has a Start ://: Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

13. Jose Gonzalez ://: In Our Nature ://: In Our Nature

14. Arcade Fire ://: Neon Bible ://: Keep the Car Running

15. Feist ://: The Reminder ://: My Moon, My Man

16. Mobius Band ://: Heaven ://: Hallie

17. Ryan Adams ://: Easy Tiger ://: Two

18. Matthew Dear ://: Asa Breed ://: Fleece on Brain

19. Calvin Harris ://: I Created Disco ://: Merrymaking at my Place

20. Andrew Bird ://: Armchair Apocrypha ://: Yawny at the Apocalypse